Thoche Enterprises

About Us

We Pride Ourselves In Quality

Thoche is an Afrocentric store that designs and creates 100% handmade bags and accessories with African prints to ensure you stand out effortlessly.

Our Mission
To change the narrative of African prints by creating everyday functional Afrocentric products that celebrate African History and Heritage. We create value by empowering people to wear a brand that celebrates them and offers quality products that have intrinsic value.
Our Vision
To be a customer-centric lifestyle brand that appreciates and celebrates African Culture and Heritage. Our designs’ functionality and universality appeal to a diverse customer base.
Our Services
  • Training: We train on how to make Afrocentric bags and accessories. 
  • Private/White Labeling Production: We produce for brands who wish to have an Afrocentric bag and accessory line without them having to produce themselves. They can also send in their designs or use ours.

Shop for handmade bags and accessories made with African prints and stand out effortlessly.

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